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Sorry, we don´t have a english version yet, but here you can find some information about us.

This website is online since 1997. It began as a personal home page and it grew up step-by-step. Now we are the biggest biking media in Brazil. We have more than three times unique visitors than the biggest magazine prints and are, by far, the biggest website.

We love biking and most of our contributors have a lot of experience in the sport. Our goal is to help solving the local problems of the sports, organize local information and produce quality and realible information. We also are into helping solving problems we face in our market, like false products and ilegal selling.

We are always trying to look ahead and produce top quality articles. We have gone to several countries to cover events and have articles and photos published in world´s top selling magazines.

Pedro Cury is behind the website managing and developing. Besides the programming technical stuff, Pedro has a carreer in photography. He started shooting bike events for the website since 1999. Now, 10 years later, he has won a Red Bull and a Decline/Shimano photo contest and has photos published in different magazines in 7 countries. His portfolio and client lists can be found in Pedro also has experience as a rider, from cross-country to downhill and biketrial, riding in different places in europe, from bike parks to famous routes like the Transalpina. Racing is just for fun, the goal is just to ride!

For advertisers, we offer regular banners and product reviews by now, besides events photoshootings, of course. We are very criterious about product reviews, specially because many local medias do fake ones. We have true reviews, testing products with pro riders, in real trails and shooted by professionals. No fake stuff here!

We also can help you finding information about potential distributors for your brand in Brazil. There are the right guys and the wrong guys and we know who they are.

Most of 2009, Pedro Cury will be in europe working as a staff photographer for a spanish magazine and controlling the website. So, we also have opportunities of photoshoting and product reviews in Spain.

Don´t hesitate in contacting us at

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